YogaMate Pro for Yoga Teachers in Training

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We know how busy you are teaching your students Yoga foundations.
We also know that Yoga Schools need a cutting edge to stand out from the pack.
Supplement your curricula and provide your students



Collaborate with YogaMate to bring evidence-informed resources, tools, marketing knowledge and ongoing professional development opportunities that will help your graduates excel as new teachers.

Access to YogaMate Pro’s full suite of knowledge-sharing & marketing tools

Ongoing professional development

Prepare them for success

  • Armed with marketing foundations, your graduates will be prepared to hit the ground running with a digital presence and foundational knowledge of marketing and branding to help them succeed

Help them keep their (future) students safe & strengthen student / teacher bonds


Wholesale pricing available for studios and teacher training organisations

  • Purchase the full package (YogaMate Pro with Marketing Fundamentals; or purchase Marketing Fundamentals On-Demand Program as a stand alone option)
  • Pricing varies depending on student numbers and features; opportunities to collaborate range from 40-70% off list price
  • Opportunities to create a Business Profile (Biz Subscription) providing your school with thought leadership opportunities and a presence to a highly targeted audience focused on the therapeutic application of Yoga


Contact us below to inquire about pricing for your students and school: