Extend your reach & impact; empower their journey towards better health


“Yoga transformed my life and that’s why I teach”

That’s why I teach, too; and that’s why I’ve devoted my career since 2014 to creating & sharing the YogaMate platform – to help you extend your reach and bring Yoga to the world. My aim is to help you be more impactful in your life’s work.

YogaMate Pro provides Yoga Professionals the resources, tools and platform to better:

  • Stand out in an increasingly crowded industry
  • Be found & better connect with more of the ‘right’ individuals for your skillset
  • Better empower your students’ journey towards health and well-being
  • Extend your reach & impact
  • Better position yourself as an authority or thought leader
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Create more impact in the world

Whether you’re taking your first teacher training or you’re a fully trained C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, YogaMate provides evidence-informed tools & resources that will inspire and empower your teaching and help you extend your reach & impact to create (*or maintain) a sustainable & empowered career sharing Yoga.

Choose the Plan Right for You

YogaMate provides a subscription tier perfect for you, whatever the stage of your Yoga career.

Professional Community Member

Explore, Learn,
Be Inspired

Create your complimentary account and begin to engage & learn from Yoga Professionals committed to advancing the field of Yoga Therapy.

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YogaMate Pro Lite Subscription

Deepen your Knowledge & Strengthen your Network

Be the best teacher that you can be. Gain access to 100% of YogaMate’s Professional Resources, including our Better Health Tools,  Live Webinars & Interactive Case Studies.

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YogaMate Pro Subscription

Extend your Reach & Impact; Share & Empower

Propel your business & build & strengthen connections with YogaMate’s Practice Planning Tools (Sequence Creation), Blogging Platform & Marketing Tools, plus access to our library of webinars with leading authorities in Yoga Therapy, research and business.

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YogaMate Pro Premium Subscription

Magnify your Reach with Global Exposure

Better carve your niche & better establish yourself as a thought leader. Global exposure & marketing opportunities within your area of specialization on our web platform and through our app – Yoga Therapeutics Pro (& public app launching June 2019)


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Safe, Smart,
Therapeutic Yoga
shared by C-IAYT’s

Empowered Teaching – Evidence-informed resources & tools

Inspired by leading authorities of Yoga Therapy

Connect & expand
your network with other qualified teachers

Register your complimentary account and profile today & gain instant access to YogaMate’s Community Resources & inspirational articles


Any Yoga Professional interested in therapeutic application of Yoga, whether you are a teacher-in-training or a pioneer of the Industry

Register your complimentary professional account & gain instant access to YogaMate’s Community of Resources and Inspiration. For qualified teachers*, create your complimentary directory profile.

Plus, enjoy a 10-day trial upgrade to YogaMate Pro to test out the yogic practice creation and marketing tools

* Complimentary profiles are available on the YogaMate Directory of Yoga Specialists for any 500hr qualified Yoga Teachers (or 200hr trained Licensed Healthcare Provider / Allied Health Professional) – simply register your account and add your address to be found in our directory.
(Note that when you register your account you instantly start a 10-day trial of YogaMate Pro)



Register your (free) Professional account to gain access to YogaMate’s Community Resources. Delve into the therapeutic benefits of different Yogic practices & be
inspired by leaders of Yoga Therapy.


Evidence-informed resources including 50+ pages with sample therapeutic approaches to specific health challenges  as shared by some of the world’s foremost experts in Yoga Therapy

Be Inspired

Connect & follow other teachers for inspiration; strengthen your network and learn from some of the industry’s best thought leaders & agents of change

Register your complimentary account today & gain instant access to YogaMate’s Community Resources & Inspirational Articles

Professional Community Member

$0 week

$0 year


(No fee! Enjoy instant access to amazing resources generously shared by some of Yoga Therapy’s finest teachers)

Please note you will be redirected to YogaMate.org where you will create and manage your account. Registering your free professional community account also starts your 10-day trial of YogaMate Pro


Engage in live & interactive marketing and business webinars & professional case studies

Deepen your knowledge & stay informed by global thought leaders of Yoga Therapy

Quickly access the knowledge you need to keep students safe (& protect your liability)

Better found by the ‘right’ individuals; those specifically seeking your area(s) of expertise

Deepen your knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga and help keep your students safe with YogaMate Pro Lite

Access knowledge, education & our injury & therapeutic search tools to help keep your finger on the pulse. Be better found by the ‘right’ students & clients & help support the growing field of Yoga Therapy.

BEST FOR: Professionals who want to further their knowledge of the therapeutic application of Yoga; Teachers-in-Training, Researchers & 200 hr Yoga Professionals who want access to all of YogaMates Professional knowledge & resources but who don’t wish to use the class sequencing and self-publishing tools.

Access Premium Content

Gain access to 100% of YogaMate’s premium content:

  • Join in our live & interactive marketing and business webinars, or watch the replays
  • Join in our live & interactive Case Studies for your own professional development
  • Access all of YogaMate’s Practice library
  • Access YogaMate’s complete library of articles, case studies and premium resources

Better Health Search Tools

Quickly assess the therapeutic application and/or injuries & cautions of various yogic tools with our Better Health search tools.

  • Help keep your students safe
  • Help protect yourself from liability

Access these useful tools (and the full knowledge behind the how-to, modifications and benefits of the poses) from your teacher dashboard, or use the Quick Access Toolbar on the homepage

Enhance Your Profile

Make your profile better stand out & better convey your brand and personality.

YogaMate Pro Lite users can enhance their profile with:

  • Your own branding (logo & cover image)
  • Social media & website links out to your own professional pages
  • Upload a video to really stand out and help site visitors really get to know you



YogaMate Pro Lite


$2.08 week

$108 year

(All prices are charged per annum in $US dollars)


*YogaMate Pro Lite does not give you access to the Yoga Practice Creation tools or our Library of Webinars; you will need to upgrade to a YogaMate Pro Subscription (not Lite) if you want access to those tools & resources.

Please note you will be redirected to YogaMate.org where you will create and manage your account.



Empower your students & clients; provide fully customizable professional take-home practices

 Extend your reach & impact; better establish yourself as a thought leadership

Stand out for all the right reasons; present yourself professionally and as an authority in your field

Save time – work smarter, not harder; quickly create & easily share your knowledge

Share your knowledge, better stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a thought leader with an upgrade to YogaMate Pro

Use YogaMate Pro’s Yoga Practice (sequence) creation & blogging tools to empower your c
lients & students and better market yourself.

BEST FOR: Professionals who are building their business, seeking stronger client connections and serious about sharing the healing benefits of Yoga

Create & share Yoga practices with clients & student; empower home practice

  • Two Yoga Practice Creation Tools help you quickly create and share plans
  • ‘Individual’ Planning Tool provides complete customization – add your own descriptions & media
  • Or utilize the ‘Group’ Planning Tool’, a  ‘drag and drop’ sequence creator that provides images with instructions
  • Utilize the YogaMate Practiced Library (over 900+ images and meditations) or upload your own audio, video, images and .pdfs
  • Share your professionally packaged take-away practices & worksheet in the way

Your knowledge in their hands; complete freedom & professionalism

  • Share plans with students / clients in the way that you want: printed, PDF’d, emailed, or posted to social media
  • Provide your plans as a value-add; as a teacher training worksheet; as a marketing lead magnet, or even charge clients to access (transactions managed by you off line)
  • Choose who you share with: send to an individual email address, allocate to  YogaMate students or ‘followers’, or post to social media to increase your exposure
  • Password protect plans or link to your profile to share your knowledge more broadly



Self-publishing blogging platform; stand out as an authority

Create blogs & case studies, or post your thoughts on pertinent research to better  establish yourself as an authority within your area(s) of expertise; and stand out as a thought leader.

There is almost no better way to build your know, trust and like factor (i.e., market yourself) than by sharing your knowledge in written form.

YogaMate’s blogging platform helps you:

  • Be more easily found by google (all blogs have SEO capabilities and are linked directly to your YogaMate profile)
  • Quickly and easily create blogs without your own website
  • Extend your reach, engage a broader audience; share to your own social media and have the opportunity to be published on YogaMate

YogaMate Pro


$4.75 week

$249 year


(All prices are charged per annum in $US dollars)



Establish your global authority as an expert in your field of study

Contribute your knowledge through YogaMate.org for the global community

Share your practices; opportunities to provide through YogaMate & apps


Premium exposure with additional marketing opportunities

Leaders of the industry, champion your niche & raise the benchmark for the industry; upgrade to YogaMate Pro Premium to contribute to the YogaMate platform, build your global reputation and gain more exposure

Gain premium exposure on YogaMate.org and share your knoweldge and expertise with the global community.

AVAILABLE TO: 500+ hr Teachers, Yoga Therapists and C-IAYT. This tier is particularly appropriate for Yoga Teacher Trainers and other leaders and pioneers of Yoga Therapy who want to gain & promote awareness for their contribution to their area of specialization.

Premium Featuring on YogaMate.org

You’re an expert in your field – and you want to extend your authority; premium featuring on the Health Benefit page of your choosing. (Pages are also linked to from YogaMate’s Professional app, Yoga Therapeutics Pro and the Yoga for Better Health app)

Better carve your niche and be seen as a thought leader in your area of expertise.

  • Premium profiling on the ‘Better Health‘ page of your choice*
  • Contribution of an article, case study or practice shared to the Better Health page of your choice.

Strategic Marketing Guidance

Stand out and make a more sustainable career sharing Yoga

Continue the Journey - 10 month marketing program

Proceeding directly after Strategize for Success, the intimate group coaching Reflect & Strategize calls, lead by marketing strategist, Ann Marie Johnston, will hold you accountable as you activate your marketing strategy.




 *   Submission must meet YogaMate’s quality standards to be accepted for inclusion.
**  Please be aware of the On-Demand Workshop is available for purchase a stand alone product for $297.




YogaMate Pro Premium


$9.55 week

$497 year

(All prices are in $US dollars)


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