In this week’s video, Danilo Santaella, PhD, Yoga Therapist, shares how yoga can help (and potentially harm) those with cardiovascular disease.  He looks at the poses and practices (like breath and relaxation) that can particularly help; and looks at the different poses (like shoulderstand, headstand and plow) that he extremely recommends against. As he say, ‘Yoga is good for everybody, but not everybody may do everything in yoga’.

About Danilo:

Danilo Forghieri Santaella is one of the first researchers in Yoga physiology of Brazil, working with Yoga teaching and research at the University of São Paulo. He teaches practical and theoretical classes for the elderly and the university community, as well as applying his acquired knowledge to research and for strengthening Yoga’s respectability among the scientific and medical society. He also teaches Applied physiology in post-grad Yoga and Yoga therapy courses. His main research field is the interaction between mind and body, with special emphasis to the influences of Yoga on psychobiological variables/markers. Investigations made have addressed the following interventions and variables: aging process, yoga as therapy, relaxation, breathing exercises (pranayama), physical exercise, hypertension, post-exercise blood pressure, heart rate variability, EEG, evoked potentials, ageing brain, functional connectivity, stress, sleep quality and quality of life. Danilo is also connected to Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute (India), and represented South America in the first World Consortium for Yoga therapy in Japan (2018).