Dr. Minoru Kamata and translator, Madoka Chase Onizuka, provides an overview of anxiety and how it impacts a person physically and psychologically. Dr Kamata looks at how yoga therapy can address anxiety disorders and towards the end of the video, Dr. Kamata uses yogic asanas (physical practices) and breathing practices to show how a person can use a yoga therapy approach for anxiety disorder.

About Minoru:

Dr. Minoru Kamata is a clinical and nationally licensed psychologist (Japan), and is a yoga therapist certified by the Japan Yoga Therapy Society. His main area of research and practice is psychotherapy in psychosomatic and integrative medicine. He is an Adlerian Psychotherapist and is developing yoga therapy as psychotherapy. He is active in the Japan Yoga Therapy Society’s research committee and is working closely with President Kimura to develop a new system for yoga therapy assessment. He also trains yoga therapists in counseling and psychotherapy skills.