Yoga Practice Creation Tools



Empower home practice, share your knowledge & better connect with clients & students.

Quickly, professionally create fully customizable plans to share with students, clients and Yoga Teachers in training.

YogaMate provides two different Yoga Practice Creation Tools to help you quickly create your sequences / practices & protocol for your students and clients.

Choose from our ‘drag & drop’ style Group Class Planning Tool – choosing from over 900 images; or select a fully customizable experience (add your images, audios, videos) to create a therapeutic or individualized plan for a student or client.

Create fully customizable 'Individual' Plans for Clients

Create & share protocols and practices utilizing YogaMate’s media, or your own audio, video, images

Quickly Drag & Drop 'Group/Class' Practices

Quickly create & share sequences created utilizing YogaMate’s Librarly of 900+ Yogic Practices

Manage & share your plans: Duplicate, password protect, add notes and print

Use the planning tools as a value add to empower home practice, or use them as a marketing tool to draw in more clients

INDIVIDUAL PLANNING TOOL: Create and Share your own fully customizable practice plans / protocols

See How the Individual Planning Tool Works

YogaMate Individual Planning Tool Showcase

Easy user interface

Add in your own images (or that of a client) from your phone or computer; or save time and utilize the YogaMate database of poses and ‘how to’ instructions, then edit as needed. Quickly drag & drop your media and your plan is ready.

Fully customizable

With the ‘Individual Planning tool’ you have full control of how your plan looks.  Add your own (or that of your client) images, audio, video, .pdfs and notes.

Brand your plans with your logo

Add your personal logo to make a stronger impression on your students and clients. (Or if you’re a YogaMate Business Ambassador, have your teachers brand their plans with your business’ logo).

Print, .pdf or share digitally

Choose how and when to share your plans; with an individual, with a group of students, with your YogaMate followers, or market your expertise more globally and share your plans through Facebook and Pinterest. If you choose to print your plans, print them in a quick overview ‘gird’ pattern, or print out just the English/Sanskrit name for a quick reference tool as you teach a class.

Watch the Individual Planning Tool in Action

GROUP CLASS YOGA PRACTICE CREATION TOOL: Quickly create yoga sequences and plans using YogaMate’s Practice Library featuring 900+ images and descriptions for a range of Yogic Tools including poses, pranayama & meditations

See How the Group Class Planning Tool Works

YogaMate Group Planning Tool Showcase

Quickly Drag & Drop to Create Plans

Quickly & efficiently create plans with our drag & drop Group Planning Tool. Search by English or Sanskrit, or filter results by intensity, type of exercise or focus

Select from YogaMate’s Library of Images

Choose from a Young Woman, Man, Mature Woman or Chair poses. Choose to add poses, pranayama, mudras or relaxations and meditations. If we have missed your favorite, take a picture of yourself, add it in. Further customize your plans with your own audio, video and .pdfs.



Watch the Group Planning Tool in Action