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If you are a 500+ hr teacher (or Licensed Healthcare Provider with a 200hr) please make sure to create your free profile for our directory of specialists.

Better stand out as an authority; sought for your knowledge in the therapeutic application of Yoga.


YogaMate Pro helps you:


Create & Share Digital or Printed Yoga Practices

Create fully customized yoga practices, empowering home practice and strenghtening your connection. Share with individuals or post to social media

Empower Their Journey Toward Better Health

Your knowledge in the palm of their hands. Create & share fully customized home practices and inspirational articles that support your student/client's journey towards better health

Connect & Inspire Clients & Colleagues

Better found by the 'right' individuals seeking your skills. Carve your niche & strengthen connections with YogaMate Pro's knowledge sharing (yoga practice creation & blogging) tools

Better Carve Your Niche In Therapeutic Yoga

Stand out for your qualifications & areas of expertise, globally position yourself with other qualified teachers & therapists in YogaMate's Directory of Yoga Specialist

Save Time / Enhance your Professionalism

With your finger on the pulse, quickly create and share your knowledge efficiently, effectively & professionally. Work smarter, not harder


Easily, Effectively Market Yourself

Tools & knowledge all in the one platform. Stand out as a thought leader; create & share your knowledge, connect with the 'right' students for your business and extend your reach & impact