Professional Development Forum

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YogaMate Weekly Professional Development Forum


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Be inspired and learn from internationally acclaimed yoga teachers, therapists, researchers and business and marketing professionals.


Put it in your calendar: each Sunday night (US/Canada) / Monday morning (Aus / Asia), join your fellow colleagues in a lively, learning and discussion in YogaMate’s Weekly Professional Development Forum.

Webinars cover a range of topics pertinent to growing a thriving career teaching and sharing Yoga with topics rotating each week between research / case studies / round table discussions and marketing and business know-how for Yoga Professionals.

Attend live and receive a certificate you can submit to claim continuing professional development points towards your Yoga Association membership.


Click here for a full list of our upcoming webinars and discussions – and to purchase your subscription to YogaMate Pro, head here.


As a YogaMate Pro member, you’ll also gain full access to our library of past webinars.

Past webinars include:

  • Breath Light to Breathe Right – with guest presenter, Robin Rothenberg
  • Yoga & Yoga Therapy: Understanding the Evidence Base – with guest presenter, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa
  • Yoga Therapy & Healthcare, Finding a Common Language – with guest presenters Marlysa Sulliavn, Steffany Moonaz, Matthew Taylor, Laura Schmalzl and Kristine Kaoverii Weber
  • Radical Self-Care Through Deep Self-Connection – with guest presenter Leigh Blashki
  • Yoga Therapy for Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis – with guest presenter Marlysa Sullivan
  • Building a Wildly Successful Business in Yoga: Clarity & Purpose in Marketing – presented by Ann Marie Johnston
  • How to Create Yoga Classes Accessible to All – with guest presenter Jivana Heyman
  • The Importance of Research Literacy for Yoga Therapists – with guest presenters Steffany Moonaz, Marlysa Sullivan & Laura Schmalzl
  • Yoga Business Basics: Extend Your Reach with Blogging – with guest presenter Brook McCarthy
  • Yoga Business Basics: Marketing & Branding – Crucial Elements to Creating & Sustaining your Business – presented by Ann Marie Johnston

Join our Yoga Therapists & Specialist Online Sanga to receive announcements about upcoming Webinars (and join in the ensuing discussions).

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