Webinar: Yoga & Yoga Therapy: Understanding the Science & Research Evidence


A 90 minute presentation from one of the world’s most eminent Yoga scholars.



Yoga is an increasingly popular behavioral strategy for the promotion and maintenance of health and wellness, as preventive medicine, and also as an adjunct therapeutic intervention – but what does the science say to support all of this?

Eminent Yoga Scholar, Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, shares the research and evidence base supporting the therapeutic application of Yoga.

In this presentation, Sat Bir overviews:
– The prevalence of yoga and yoga therapy – statistics & modern society
– The rationale for scientific research on yoga
– The psychophysiology of yoga practices
– The Leading trends in yoga research
– Yoga therapy research overview
– Research on yoga for prevention, health & wellness

An engaging account that will inspire and encourage you and your work.

(A few slides captured from the presentation are shared below)


About our guest presenter:
Dr Khalsa has conducted research on yoga for physical and psychological health since 2001 & is a practitioner/ instructor of Kundalini Yoga. His research has evaluated yoga for insomnia, chronic stress, anxiety spectrum disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health in public schools.

He is Research Director for the Kundalini Research Institute and the Yoga Alliance, Research Associate at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, Research Affiliate at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


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