Yoga Therapy & Modern Medicine: Finding a Common Language


This webinar is based around the recently published paper: ‘Toward an Explanatory Framework for Yoga Therapy Informed by Philosophical and Ethical Perspectives’. (Read the abstract & discussion of the paper here: )

Yoga therapy is a distinct integrative healthcare profession with its own perspective and methodology for well-being. This paper offers a translational language so that yoga therapy can be understood in current healthcare and research contexts.

The benefit of this work is for yoga therapy to be understood as a unified system, versus trying to fit yoga therapy to a biomedical model. This understanding will be important for yoga therapists in understanding their unique scope of practice, assessment & interventions, as well as other healthcare providers and researchers in the utilization of yoga therapy.

In this panel discussion, moderated by Matthew Taylor, the paper will be overviewed & the authors will then elucidate on the explanatory framework of yoga therapy based on philosophical & ethical foundations.

The authors will discuss:
> The philosophical foundations informing the explanatory framework that can traverse individual lineages and create a shared language for yoga therapy in current health care contexts
> Topics covered will include phenomenology, eudaimonia, virtue ethics and first person subjective ethical inquiry. These four concepts are supported by research in promoting well-being. These concepts will be defined and related to yoga philosophy.

Webinar participants can expect to walk away with:
> a clearer understanding of how various yogic traditions & principles can be understood in modern health care and research contexts .
> a translational language between yoga therapy and modern healthcare and research
> an understanding of yoga therapy’s explanatory framework and how it helps to distinguish the scope of practice of yoga therapy & informs the lens through which yoga therapists assess and plan interventions

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A 75 minute moderated panel discussion with the authors of the paper: ‘Toward an Explanatory Framework for Yoga Therapy Informed by Philosophical and Ethical Perspectives’


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