On-Demand Strategize for Success (Past Co-hort)


You can make a good living being a yoga therapist or specialist. Not only that -
there is a simple formula to set yourself up for success.

The first part of that formula is knowing what your version of success looks like -  then you have to plan out how you're going to get there.

In this replay of  Strategize for Success Marketing Program, marketing strategist, Ann Marie Johnston, guides you step by step through the marketing fundamentals critical to your success as a yoga therapist or specialist. 

Yes, it takes time, commitment and clarity; but once you have a sound marketing strategy in place, consistently implemented, it isn't hard. This program provides the step by step formula every serious yoga professional needs for their business to thrive.

This program provides strategic guidance on how to:

  • Outline and build the foundation for an effective marketing strategy
  • Convey your uniqueness, reach the right audience and communicate effectively to connect with the individuals you are best set to help
  • Get more targeted in your approach; clearly identifying the individuals you serve, their specific problem and how to connect and create more loyal customers; and finally,
  • Be confident as you execute your efforts. With your new found clarity, you’ll work smarter, producing more targeted solutions that resonate with your audience; gaining more traction, helping your business better thrive.

You'll leave the program with a clear marketing strategy and plan of action to help you make smart, concise decisions for your business moving forwards.


With the On-Demand Program you'll receive:

  • 4 video modules available to watch at the pace you wish (consisting of a ~8 hours of instructional workshop)
  • Slides from the 4 modules
  • Worksheets and templates to guide you, so you can create (and then execute) effective marketing efforts that move you towards your personal vision of success.


Who is this program for?

Strategize for Success was created for yoga therapists & specialists serious about the impact they are making in their business and in the world.*

This On-Demand version has been created for those who either couldn't attend the dates of the live program, don't want to wait until the next one and those who are fiscally minded and self-motivated (the On-Demand program is half the price of the live program, but doesn't have the same accountability to complete the full program as the live program).

*While the program is specifically geared for yoga therapists and specialists, the content would be beneficial to any solepreneur in the yoga and health/well-being space.


About your host:

Ann Marie Johnston, MBM, is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, yoga teacher (& therapist in training) and mom/mum of two.

After experiencing over 15 years of depression, yoga (mainly in the form of pranayama and meditation) transformed Ann Marie's life.

At the time, she was working as marketing consultant within the wine industry (another industry that has public understanding challenges!), but felt the knowledge she had gained in her first 500 hr yoga teacher training was too profound not to share.

In 2016, Ann Marie founded YogaMate a marketing and professional development platform for yoga therapist & specialists. She has since gone on to develop the apps Yoga Therapeutics Pro & Yoga for Better Health and founded the Global Yoga Therapy Day.

Ann Marie is focused on championing therapeutic yoga and bringing awareness to the public that if you can breathe, you can practice yoga; helping make these tools accessible to all.

She has presented on marketing strategy for Yoga Professionals at international conferences, including the IAYT's Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR), the Accessible Yoga Conference and the Yoga Australia Conference.  Ann Marie has worked as a marketing consultant and strategist for the past two decades in a range of industries across Australia and the United States.

Ann Marie is passionate about empowering solepreneurs and small businesses to thrive in their marketing efforts so they can more effectively share their passions & knowledge and ultimately make more impact in the world.