Continuing the Journey – 10 Month Marketing Group Coaching (4 installments)


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Installment option for Continuing the Journey Group Coaching

Details – 10 months of group coaching – details here.

Choose this installment plan option and pay 4 equal installments of $299 each (Total $1,196).

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If you want to create a sustainable career sharing yoga, you must invest in the journey

Laying the foundation of your marketing strategy is the first step to success. But then you’ve got to implement.

Continuing the Journey group coaching is a dynamic, interactive and intimate journey for those seriously committed to growing their business.
** The program is open to anyone, but is highly recommended that you have also completed Strategize for Success Live or On-Demand.

Each month when we meet, we will:

  • Learn and be inspired
  • Focus on a specific area of marketing (details below)
  • Reflect and Review on where our business is today
  • Strategize and Set Our Action Plan for the coming month ahead
  • Celebrate, Collaborate & Commune with Colleagues

Going through the journey together with a small cohort, we will collaborate and gain encouragement from colleagues from around the world. We will celebrate our wins, learn from our challenges and improve together.

Dates and themes for this 10 month program are:

US: first Monday night – 8pm EST (5pm PST) / AUS/NZ: Tues morning AEST;  (See it in your timezone)
Oct 2019 – July 2020*
* Except Dec – where the program runs on the 16/17th.

Oct 28 / 29: Facing the fear; plus reverse engineering & revenue generation

  • Facing Your Fears
  • Reflecting on ‘Our Number’ & breaking down how we are going to get there
  • Revenue Generation & Reverse Engineering
  • Reflect (Monitoring) & Making Strategic Decisions


Nov 25 / 26: Financial Strategy, Forecasting & Financial Measurement

  • Your Financial Strategy (& what success means to you)
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Tactics & ROI


Dec 16/17: Understanding and addressing your customers’ needs

  • The Customer Funnel
  • Knowing Your Client – Getting Clear / Customer Research
  • The importance and value of segmentation
  • Communicating Your Value Proposition
  • Transparency
  • Options & Bundling
  • Retention vs Acquisition Strategies


Jan 27 / 28: Creating & harnessing brand champions

  • Building Brand Champions
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Case studies & Testimonials
  • Rewarding & Delighting Your Customer
  • Collaboration / In it together
  • Building Community


Feb 24 / 25: Your Digital Presence

  • What makes up your digital presence
  • Conducting a digital audit with a deep dive into your website
  • Enhancing your digital profile
  • Ensuring consistency in your brand & user experience
  • Tools for measurement & analysis


March 30 / March 31: Six Month Review & Planning Forwards

  • This month we’ll conduct a 6 month review since the Aug/Sept Live Strategize for Success, reflect on where you are
    • Review of the 5 crucial elements of marketing
    • Reflect on where you are today
      • Your theme
      • Strategic priorities
      • Big number
      • Plus what has worked and what hasn’t
    • Make adjustments for where you need to go for the next 6 months


April 27 / 28: Product Marketing Fit & Innovating for Business Growth

  • Innovation for success (finding product market fit)
  • Marketing Research – Identifying customer driven opportunities for growth


May 25 / 26: Marketing & Sales Funnels & the Customer Journey

  • Customer Funnel – Ultimate focus – Brand Champions
  • WOM
  • Social Media
  • Testimonials & Case Studies
  • How we surprise, delight and reward our customers
  • Collaboration & community


June 29 / 30: How to Use an Event to Reach New Clients

  • How to use an event to drive awareness & public engagement
  • Planning & Promotion
  • Engaging the Media
  • Nurturing your new leads


July 27 / 28: Marketing Automation
In this call, we lead you through how to automate your marketing efforts to be more effective and efficient and impactful with your marketing.

  • How to automate your marketing effort to be more effective, efficient and impactful with your marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Graphic Creation
    • Scheduling Automation



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