Ready to make 2020 your most successful & impactful year ever? Then planning needs to happens now!

Successful business’ plan.

They see where they are today, and outline where they want to go. They create a written plan – a road map – to guide their direction.

That plan doesn’t have to be large or complicated – but it does need to be articulated.

To help you in your planning, I’m sharing my one-page marketing plan that provides you my formula for success.

When you get crystal clear on these points and you use them to guide all of your marketing decisions, marketing becomes easier and more effective.

You’ll want to set aside some quality time to fill this out. Don’t rush through and maybe find a nice, inspiring place to do your work.

Settle in with a few grounding breaths and a short meditation on the impact you want to make in the world. Really think about why you are doing the work that you’re doing. Then, when you’re ready, go through each line item.

Once your marketing plan is completed, most importantly, keep this plan out where you can see it every day

With every decision that you make in regards to your business, reflect on this document ensuring that your actions align with your objectives, purpose, audience and resonates with your brand personality.

If you’d like more guidance, check out my upcoming Strategies for Success Marketing program, starting August 27.