If you want to get from point A to point B, you need a plan.

That plan doesn’t have to be large or complicated – but it does need to be articulated.

Enjoy the attached one-page marketing plan: Get clear on your intentions, define your goals and measure your success. 


Before you start – make sure to ground yourself.  Take some nice, deep breaths, clear your desk/table and an hour (or two) of you day.

Then, most importantly, keep this marketing plan out where you can see it every day.

With every decision that you make in regards to your business, reflect on this document ensuring that your actions align with your objectives, purpose, audience and resonates with your brand personality.

Still not sure how to start – or want more assistance in getting clear on your marketing strategy?
Join in our VIP Strategic Marketing & Branding Program:

Join our VIP Strategic Marketing & Branding Program to create a solid foundation for your business:

We need to be crystal clear in our vision – whowe are, what makes us unique, where we want to go & how we’re going to get there.

There are a lot of great podcasts and programs available to help with marketing tactics (the specific actions that you do such as building a website, managing your social media, crafting newsletters, printing up fliers, even using YogaMate Pro). This is what we call marketing implementation – how we get the word out.

But before we can dive into tactics, we need to specifically focus on the strategy that drives our actions – otherwise we’re stabbing blindly in the dark. We might hit something sometimes – but for the most part, we won’t very effective.

So just what does this program entail?

  • Pre-Workshop Preparation Worksheets (including a Marketing Pulse Check and a Brand Health Check)
  • A personal review and feedback on your current state of marketing & branding
  • A Pre-Workshop one hour LIVE meeting to ask questions before the workshop
  • A 4 hour LIVE (online) workshop led by Ann Marie Johnston (with replay access to the workshop for you to revisit)
  • A Post-Workshop one-hour meeting to ask questions and seek direction after the live event

What we’ll cover in the live workshop:

We will …

  • Clearly define who you are and what makes you unique
  • Articulate your vision, mission and key business objectives
  • Define your brand values, brand personality and the overarching essence of your brand
  • Take a clear look at your (product or services); the Features vs Benefits
  • Understand how your language, images & colours play a role in your branding and the importance of consistency and repetition
  • Get clear on who our *right* customers are and how to communicate effectively with them
  • Address your brand story, key messaging & elevator pitch; and
  • Articulate our strategic priorities – both short and long term – and link action items (those tactics we discussed before) back to the strategy

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