On-Demand Marketing & Brand Strategy Program
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Maximize your efforts and extend your reach…

YogaMate’s Founder, (Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher) Ann Marie Johnston, runs a live & interactive Marketing & Brand Strategy workshop for Yoga Therapists & Specialists. (See here for full details)

For those who can’t join in live (and/or simply want immediate access to the knowledge) – our On-Demand Marketing & Brand Strategy Program gives you access to the full workshop, that you can watch at your leisure.


** THE ON-DEMAND MARKETING & BRAND STRATEGY PROGRAM IS INCLUDED WITH YOGAMATE PRO PREMIUM (or this product can be purchased separately as a stand alone) **


Set aside a full day or two to watch and work through all of the content; or choose to watch it at any pace you chooose.

This workshop provides: 

Strategic Guidance

20+ year Marketing Professional & small business consultant,
Ann Marie Johnston provides an outline to help you build the foundation for an effective marketing & brand strategy


Clear Vision

We’ll get clear on the marketing fundamentals; who you are, what makes you unique, what problem(s) you’re solving, and how to most effectively communicate your solution with the right audience to gain traction


Targeted Marketing

Your target audience has a *specific* problem that you have the perfect solution to.

We’ll get clear on your brand personality, benefits, target audience, brand story and key messages


Working Smarter

No more staggering in the dark, hoping that your marketing and programs will hit their target & gain traction.
Clear, concise vision with targeted solutions that resonate with your audience

This On-Demand Program is a replay from our Live Workshop from November 2017

Watch and participate alongside YogaMate Pro’s marketing & brand strategy workshop; craft a clear vision with strategic priorities and actionable marketing tactics that will help make the next 12 months your most successful ever.

This workshop is NOT about the specific tactics that you’ll employ (though we talk about tactics a little – it’s imperative that tactics come *after* the strategy is defined, otherwise you’ll be throwing money away) – rather this workshop helps you get clear on marketing and branding fundamentals to ensure that the efforts you are putting in are effective & efficient.

The Program entails:

  • 5+ hours of instructional video
  • Slides from the presentations
  • 13 worksheets (to be completed while you watch the videos)
  • 17 homework tasks (to be completed both pre and post the workshop modules to help you set your clear direction)
  • Plus Access to the YogaMate Pro’s exclusive Marketing Mastermind Group, monitored by Ann Marie Johnston

Walk away from this program with a clear understanding of where you’ve been and where you you want to go … and most importantly how you’re going to get there.

Be clear, confident, invigorated & excited about the direction your business is headed!


This program will help you gain clarity around:

  • How to better connect with the right audience – and speak in a manner that resonates with them
  • How to build your know, like & trust factor to earn the respect of the public and your colleagues alike
  • How to better communicate your value & uniqueness and ultimately make more money doing the work you love


"I have amazing knowledge & passion for my business, but I don't know how to market myself"


My dear friend, you aren’t alone.

Probably like me, you didn’t go into teaching Yoga  because you wanted to own a small business; rather you likely did so because you are passionate about helping others and sharing your knowledge.

But this is where the challenge lies. You could be the best teacher (business / product or  service) in the world; but if you don’t effectively communicate your value to the right people, you simply can’t make the impact that you hope to.

Most people dive straight into tactics (websites, fliers, social media, newsletters, etc) without a clear strategy underpinning their decisions.  Consider this money thrown away; for without the strategic foundations set, you’re effectively staggering blindly in the dark.

Is this program right for me?


This program is for Yoga Therapists & Specialists passionate and committed to strategically building their business.

If you don’t want to wait for our next live course, want to access the full content for half the price and comfortable working within an online learning environment, this course is for you!


We’re going to strip back to the basic foundations of what your business is about – look at where you want to go – and how we’re going to get there.

Jump in heads first if you:

  • Feel you understand the importance of marketing, but aren’t clear on how best to go about making the most impact with limited resources
  • Feel like you need a bit of a leg up and a focus to ground your marketing efforts
  • Are ready to take your business to the next level
  • You’re ready to dive in NOW and don’t want to wait until the next live strategy worshop (Live courses are run ~quarterly – next courses are planned for February and June 2018)


Proceed with caution if:

  • You would prefer more intimate guidance (in which case, please consider our quarterly live, (online) strategy workshops)
  • You don’t have the time required to make the most of this course (plan on ~12-15 hours to work through all of the content)



What does this On-Demand Marketing & Brand Strategy Program entail?


Pre Workshop Preparation: Situational Analysis & the four essential elements critical to your success

You’ll begin by taking time to sit down and reflect on your current marketing efforts along with the state of your brand health; you’ll look at your competitors; and get clear on your business objectives (Situational Analysis).

After your preparation homework is complete; watch Video 1 and gain clarity around: 

  • Where you’ve been (we need to know where you’ve been to know where you want to go)
  • Competitors – (keeping your finger on the pulse and building your tribe)
  • The 4 essentail elements critical to your success 
  • The importance of a having a clearly defined niche 
  • Clarity around your business goals/objectives

It is recommended that you do these first homework tasks & watch Video 1 a few days / one week before you sit down to watch the bulk of the program.

Video 2: The Workshop Module 1& 2 - Understanding your why, what makes you unique and why they should care

When we talk about what we believe, we attract the right people to us (clients, collaborations, opportunities).

Modules 1-2 of the workshop help you:

  • Understand & articulate the underlying purpose behind your work
  • Articluate your USP; your clients’ problems and the solution you provide
  • How to communicate effectively with the right audience
  • Clearly and succintly position your business

With clarity around your purpose, and a clear understanding of your unique value and how to relate that back to your customers needs.

You may wish to watch Module 1 & 2 and take a break (a day or a week) before proceeding with Module 3 – Branding

Module 3: Brand Strategy & Architecture; and why it matters to your customer and business success

Your brand is so much more than your logo; it is what the customer says about you when you’re no longer in the room.

In this module you’ll get clear on each building block that creates your brand equity, including:

  • Your unique brand personality & values and how they should impact every decision about your business
  • Your brand promise and how it helps you stand out in the market
  • The importance of consistency and repetition

Module 4 & 5: Getting Clear on Where We're Going & Getting the Word Out

We know where we’ve been – now we need to identify where you want to go.  With a clear picture in mind, you’ll identify how to get there:

You’ll workshop how you’re going to hit your goals, what tactics you’re going to utilize and how you’re going to implement (i.e., the actual tactics that feel good for your business).

You’ll also plan out the intention behind your tactis and the projected outcomes so that you can measure your ROI (return on investment) to make smart decisions into the future. 

Post Workshop: Linking Actions to Your Strategic Priorities and Planning out the next 6 months

We’ll define the foundation for all of your future marketing actions and business decisions so that you can make smart, concise, strategic decisions for your business moving forward.

Leave the workshop with a clear vision of who you are, what makes you unique, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

What do I take away?


This program will help you develop a clear strategy to help you make smart, concise decisions for your business moving forwards.

You’ll specifically have:

  • A clearly defined understanding of what drives you and makes you unique (so you can better articulate that to prospective students and clients)
  • A better understanding of who your best customer is and how to best address their pain points
  • A better understanding of how to connect with the *right* customers and how to communicate & reach them through your marketing, in a way that feels good to you – and gains traction
  • Clearly articulated brand positioning, with a style guide to ensure a consistent approach to your branding
  • Your business’ top strategic priorities and the action you need take to address them
  • A 6-12 month strategic calendar for your business

All program participants will gain access to our (closed access) YogaMate Pro Marketing Mastermind Facebook Support Group.



Get clear on where you’re going to create more impact and be far more successful.

Your invesment ($497) includes (5+ hours of video), worksheets, homework and access to the YogaMate Pro Marketing Mastermind Facebook Group.

If you would like more personal guidance, you may want to join in our next Live Strategy Workshop.

Prefer to wait and join in our next live, online workshop? Our next live workshop is scheduled for April 26 (US) / 27th (AUS). Registration deadline is April 15th.








Hear more about the online workshop & why you should join in

by Ann Marie Johnton, YogaMate Founder & Marketing Strategist

About your host…

Ann Marie Johnston, MBM, is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and mum of two.

She is the Founder of YogaMate Pro, a marketing and educational platform for Yoga Therapists & Specialists providing evidence-informed resources,yoga practice creation & marketing tools that helps Yoga Professionals better connect with and empower their students and community. She is also the founder of YogaMate.org a resource for the global community to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of Yoga and connect with Yoga Specialists.

Before YogaMate, Ann Marie was a marketing strategy consultant working with SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) and has worked with international clients across the United States and Australia. She has presented on marketing strategy for Yoga Professionals at many conferences, including the IAYT’s Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR) and the Accessible Yoga Conference and is the co-chair for the 2018 Yoga Australia Conference.

Ann Marie has worked as a marketing consultant and strategist for SMEs over the past 20 years. She loves empowering small businesses to understand their uniqueness, convey their value and effectively share their passions, knowledge and make more impact. Before YogaMate, Ann Marie ran these marketing & brand strategy workshops for clients in the wine industry across Australia. Contact Ann Marie if you want to know more.