Strategize for Success:
Strategic Marketing Fundamentals for Serious Yoga Professionals – Live (Online) Program

“I thought I knew how to market my Yoga Therapy business. But I must say that the program blew my mind.

All of my old ways of thinking about marketing were challenged and replaced with a values system I had not considered before. Ann Marie helped me to see that my I need to get in touch with my beliefs and values. And then from my deepest values emerged a plan to reach people who share my values.  Like attracts like, as we say in Ayurveda!

This idea blossomed seamlessly into a very structured approach with action items, goals and deadlines for me to implement. I am considering having all of my Optimal State Yoga Therapy trainees take the program before they graduate. It was simply fantastic. Everyone should take this program!”

Dr. Amy Wheeler, President, IAYT


Only offered live once a year:


The next program runs July 2020

Don’t want to wait?


Maximize your efforts and extend your reach…

Are you an experienced, qualified, yoga therapist or specialist tired of spending vast amounts of energy creating amazing new programs for your clients & students, and only just breaking even? Or, worse – losing money?

Feeling fed up and frustrated – knowing that you have an amazing gift to share with others, but feeling little to no traction or focus in your marketing efforts?

If you’re tired of scraping by and finally ready to invest in your business to set it up to thrive,

Then Strategize for Success is for you


Strategic Guidance

Work together with Marketing Strategist (& YogaMate & Global Yoga Therapy Day Founder),
Ann Marie Johnston, as we outline and build the foundation for an effective marketing strategy


Clear Vision

We’ll get clear on the marketing fundamentals critical to your success; how to convey your uniqueness,  reach the right audience and communicate effectively to connect with the individuals you are best set to help


Targeted Marketing

Your target audience has a *specific* problem that you have the perfect solution to.

But knowing who to target is just one part of the equation. We cover how to nurture your connections to create more loyal customers


Working Smarter

No more staggering in the dark, hoping that your marketing and programs will hit their target & gain traction.
Clear, concise vision with targeted solutions that resonate with your audience

Only offered live once a year. Next Program Runs July 2020

Program starts runs for 4 consecutive weeks.

This program is NOT about the specific tactics that you’ll employ (tactics should come *after* the strategy is defined, otherwise you’ll be throwing money away) – rather we’re going to look at the fundamental and crucial elements that set the foundation for *all* of your marketing and business endeavors.

You will:

  • Understand the crucial elements required to help form the basis of an effective marketing strategy
  • Gain clarity around your purpose, what makes you unique and the importance of leading with your ‘why’
  • Get clear on the customer funnel; understand your ‘ideal’ client, what motivates them and know how to communicate with them more effectively
  • Gain clarity around your key business objectives and drivers and align them with your actions
  • Understand how to build a strong brand, underpinned by the values, personality and elements that shape the customer’s perception; plus how to create stronger awareness for your business; plus see how your brand impacts purchase decisions and how to build more brand loyalty
  • How to tie it all together, with a clear and action oriented road map for moving forward.

Our next Program is scheduled to begin in July 2020.

Can’t wait? Get our On-Demand version and go at your own pace!


"I have amazing knowledge & passion for my business; but I can't seem to connect with the people who need my services..."

You likely didn’t go into Yoga because you wanted to own a small business; rather you likely did so because you are passionate about helping others and sharing your knowledge.

But this is where the challenge lies. You could be the best teacher (business / product or  service) in the world; but if you don’t effectively communicate your value to the right people, you simply can’t make the impact that you hope to.

Many people dive straight into tactics (websites, fliers, social media, newsletters, etc) without a clear strategy underpinning their decisions.

Consider this money thrown away; for without the strategic foundations set, you’ll have little chance of being effective or building a long term and sustainable busienss for yourself.

What does this live, online workshop entail? Is it right for me?

This program is for yoga therapists & specialists passionate and committed to strategically building their business to make more impact.

We’ll strip back to the basic foundations of what your business is about – the essence of why you’re working in this space. Then we’ll get clear where you want to go – and how we’re going to get there.

Jump in heads first if:

  • You understsand the importance of marketing, but aren’t clear on how best to go about making the most impact for the least effort
  • You’re tired of wasting money or spinning your wheels and you’re feeling frustrated with where your business is
  • (Or you’re just getting started and want to lay the right foundation to maximize your success); and
  • You are ready & committed to taking your business to the next level

Proceed with caution if:

  • You can’t carve out the time to invest into your business*
    • the live course runs for 4 consecutive weeks – 2 hours a night; plus, there’s another ~2 hours of home work each week.
  • You’re hesitant to invest in your business
    • You need to be ready & committed to invest into your business’ marketing with time, energy and money. If you’re not ready and committed, you’re not likely to see any change in the current state of your business.

Note: If the dates don’t work, you might want to try our On-Demand Strategize for Success where you’ll get access to the recorded video of each week’s program after the live course runs. Keep up with the live co-hort and post questions in the closed Facebook group; or go at your own pace.

The Strategic Marketing & Branding Program runs for 4 consecutive weeks

Week 1: Strategic Marketing Planning & Marketing Foundations for Serious Yoga Professionals

In the first week we:

  • Get clear on what drives you and your business.
  • Get clear on the importance of having a marketing strategy (and what exactly a strategy entails)
  • Go through the Marketing 101 Fundamentals and the foundational elements absolutely critical to our success
  • Conduct a Strategic Review and ‘baseline assessment’ for your business
  • Conduct Situational Analysis – Get clear on what’s working, what’s not; what your competitors are doing and environmental factors that may impact your business direction
  • Outline your top level SMART business goals
  • Create a clear definition of success and begin to plan out how to get there.

Week 2: What makes you unique – and why it’s *so* important

In week 2 we:

  • Dive deep into understanding your USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Discuss the key elements of a USP and where they overlap to make up your own unique customer value proposition
  • Clarify your ‘Why’ – the purpose behind what you’re doing and the vision and mission for your business – and why this is critical to successful marketing
  • Look at the customer and their needs / motivations and address their ‘after’ state
  • Understand the Customer Funnel & create you Ideal Clients Avatars
  • Understand the importance of segmenting and aligning our customer’s needs to the services we offer
  • Craft a positioning statement that clarifies what our business enables our customer to solve

Week 3: The Power of a Strong Brand

In week 3 we look at the elements that make up your brand; and understand how they play into your overall marketing efforts.

In week 3, you’ll get clear on each building block that creates your brand equity, including:

  • How to create a solid Branding Strategy
  • The difference between Branding, Identity and Logo
  • Understanding what Brand Loyalty is & why / how to create it
  • Get a clear understanding of the core elements that make up your brand
    • Brand Personality & Values
    • Brand Promise
    • Colors, Fonts, Imagery, Voice
    • Key Messaging & Keywords
    • Your brand story & elevator pitch


Week 4: Getting the Word Out – Authentic Marketing Promotion

We know where we’ve been and where you want to go.  Now it’s time to outline how you’re going to get there!

You’ll workshop how you’re going to hit your goals, what tactics you’re going to utilize and how you’re going to implement (i.e., the actual tactics that feel good for your business).

You’ll also plan out the intention behind your tactics and the projected outcomes so that you can measure your ROI (return on investment) to make smart decisions into the future.

Specifically, we cover:

  • The ins and outs of marketing promotion
  • How to be authentic and effective in your marketing
  • Setting your budget
  • Strategic priorities
  • Aligning your marketing tactics to your strategic priorities
  • Tactics projections
  • Planning out your calendar
  • Measuring your success
  • Reviewing your work – Knowing when to tweak or pivot

Testimonials from Past Workshop Participants

“Most of us are not taught the skills to succeed in business anywhere in our formal education or our yoga training. Fortunately, there are a few rare gems who have a passion for yoga AND a background in business. Ann Marie Johnson is one of those people. Ann Marie systematically goes through concepts that we all need to succeed in business, accessible to those with little background and those with established businesses who want to move to the next level. I’d highly recommend enrolling for her programs.”

Steffany Moonaz


I have been an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry for 15 years and marketing was one of the most daunting aspects of my business, always delegated to the bottom of my “to do” list. This program completely shifted my perspective!

Ann Marie produced an extraordinary program, rich with content, and step by step strategic planning worksheets. Her ability to clearly articulate difficult concepts transformed daunting to illuminating. Through directed inner reflection, I streamlined and refined my niche and finished the program with a living marketing strategy. 

If you want to find your WHY, identify your niche and build great marketing systems in your business this program is a must! 

Theresa Tobin Macy


“Ann Marie understands the efforts of yoga therapists and teachers, the market and our needs. She helped me to overcome my “marketing” block and to move forward with confidence. This is an excellent program. Thank you!”

Lee Majewski

C-IAYT, Canada

“Amazing program. I got so much out of it! The materials supplied have all of the ingredients we need to create a solid marketing plan.”

Nancy Sinton


“Ann Marie thank you again for such inspiring work. The Strategize for Success Program was superb. I have a lot to work on, but feel that I have a lot of direction now.”

Linda Varnam

C-IAYT, Canada

“Ann Marie is a generous and highly skilled presenter. I can say with confidence the tools and critical thinking that I gained have given me clarity in positioning and marketing myself.”

Shawn Ashkanasya

TCTSY Yoga Teacher, Australia

Program Details:

The program runs for 2 hours session, over four weeks. Each session you’ll be actively working on your business – in real time (and yes, you’ll have some homework tasks each week).

Of course you can do any of the homework at the pace you want (and you’ll get access to all of the recordings); however I encourage participats to join in live and do their best to stay up with homework to get the most from the course and your time with me.

You’ll leave the program with a clear marketing strategy and plan of action to help you make smart, concise decisions for your business moving forwards.

You’ll specifically have:

  • A clearly defined understanding of what drives you and makes you unique (so you can better articulate that to prospective students and clients)
  • A better understanding of who your best customer is and how to best address their pain points
  • A better understanding of how to connect with the *right* customers and how to communicate & reach them through your marketing, in a way that feels good to you – and gains traction
  • Clearly articulated brand positioning, with a style guide to ensure a consistent approach to your branding
  • Your business’ top strategic priorities and the action you need take to address them
  • A 6-12 month strategic calendar for your business

All workshop participants have the opportunity to Continue the Journey with our 10 month marketing group coaching following the workshop, if you are inspired and wishing for ongoing accountability to continue working on and improving your business.


Get clear on where you’re going to create more impact and be far more successful.

Your investment ($1497) includes four workshop dates (8+ hours of guidance), worksheets, homework and personal guidance from  Ann Marie Johnston.

(Payment installments available)

Hear more about the online workshop & why you should join me

by Ann Marie Johnton, YogaMate Founder & Marketing Strategist

Ready to invest in taking your business to the next level?

What are you waiting for?

Make the commitment today to set your clear foundation.

Choose to work smarter, not harder; extending your reach and impact further.

About your host…

Ann Marie Johnston, MBM, is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur, yoga teacher (& therapist in training) and mom/mum of two.

After experiencing over 15 years of depression, yoga (mainly in the form of pranayama and meditation) transformed Ann Marie’s life.

At the time, she was working as marketing consultant within the wine industry (another industry that has public understanding challenges!), but felt the knowledge she had gained in her first 500 hr yoga teacher training was too profound not to share.

In 2016, Ann Marie founded YogaMate a marketing and professional development platform for yoga therapist & specialists. She has since gone on to develop the apps Yoga Therapeutics Pro & Yoga for Better Health and founded the Global Yoga Therapy Day.

Ann Marie is focused on championing therapeutic yoga and bringing awareness to the public that if you can breathe, you can practice yoga; helping make these tools accessible to all.

She has presented on marketing strategy for Yoga Professionals at international conferences, including the IAYT’s Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR), the Accessible Yoga Conference and the Yoga Australia Conference.  Ann Marie has worked as a marketing consultant and strategist for the past two decades in a range of industries across Australia and the United States.

Ann Marie is passionate about empowering solepreneurs and small businesses to thrive in their marketing efforts so they can more effectively share their passions & knowledge and ultimately make more impact in the world. Contact Ann Marie if you want to know more.