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Thank you for your interest in YogaMate. This site was expressly created for Yoga Professionals like you. Qualified, experienced Yoga Professionals focused on bringing the therapeutic benefits of Yoga to more people.

As a member of Yoga Australia, you are leading the industry, and I want to help you spread your message of healing further.

Collaboration is the key - and many of your colleagues have already contributed to the site. In the coming months and years, the platform will continue to be added to and developed with quality, evidence-informed articles and resources. Hopefully you will be part of that collaboration.

We welcome submissions of articles, case studies, research and resources to inspire colleagues and educate the general public and healthcare community.

We encourage you to create your free profile, and enjoy the 10 day trial of YogaMate Pro where you can trial our Yoga Practice Creation & Marketing Tools. (The short video below provides an overview of YogaMate for Yoga Professionals.)

Please help me to spread the word about YogaMate - and help the public better understand the depth, breadth and therapeutic application of Yoga.


Better stand out as an authority; sought for your knowledge in the therapeutic application of Yoga.


YogaMate Pro helps you:

Providing the tools, resources and marketing support to help Yoga Professionals authentically stand out, create stronger connections with the right clients and make more impact.



Empower Home Practice & Establish Thought Leadership

Create & share fully customized yoga practices (use our media, or yours); articles, research, case studies and resources to share with clients, students, colleagues or your community. Carve your niche and better stand out as an authority in your area(s) of expertise.

Global Knowledge Sharing & Professional Development

Inspire and be inspired. Share and collaborate with other Yoga Professionals in our weekly professional development webinars and round table discussions; read, collaborate and share new resources, research & knowlege from the global yoga community.

Enhanced Professionalism; Strengthened Connections

Stand out for all of the right reason with students and colleagues. Create a stronger professional online presence, connect into a broader community and bank of knowledge and delight your students and clients with empowering home practices.

Extend Your Reach, Impact (and Profitability)

Connect with the right students and clients, no matter their location. Create & share practices and knowledge with your community; or connect to a global audience & generate passive income, selling your knowledge (courses, trainings, yoga practices) in our Online Marketplace (launching Oct 2018).

Work Smarter, Not Harder; Save Time/Create Efficiencies

Quickly create or enhance your online presence. Create & share yoga practices (utilize your own media, or select from what we provide); submit articles or resources to be published and / or sold in our marketplace; integrating your marketing efforts.


Efficient, Effective, Easy & Authentic Marketing

All of the marketing tools & knowledge needed to create, share and sell your knowledge in the one platform. Monthly webinars & opportunity for group coaching (YogaMate Pro Premium) to support you to authentically & effectively connect with the right clients.