Wende L. Nelson, RYT 200, C-IAYT
I am a
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)
Yoga Therapist
Meditation Teacher
About Me

Yoga has been a true life saver and passion for me for 19 years

My approach to Yoga

My yoga path began 19 years ago when I was being treated for breast cancer. My joints hurt from the chemo and I saw an add for a Saturday yoga class. I hoped it would help and it did. More than that, I loved yoga and decided that when I made my 5 year survival mark, I would become a teacher. I became a certified Ananda yoga teacher in 2005 and have been teaching ever since. We build a home studio and opened it in 2006. I wanted to continue my studies at Ananda and began to take yoga therapy classes. I have my certification as an Ananda yoga therapist and an Ananda meditation teacher. I am also certified as a yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. I live in a small town in Northern Minnesota and have around 50 regular students in my classes. Most of my students are in their 60s and 70s. One of my long term students is in her 80s We all age happily together! I have worked with students having knee and hip replacement and those with chronic pain issues as well as all the aches and pains of ageing. Some of my students have rheumatoid arthritis and some have fibromyalgia. I teach regular yoga classes as well as individual and group yoga therapy sessions. It is the joy of my life to find myself in this second career where I have found my true vocation. And it wouldn’t have happened without my cancer journey 🙂

The Yoga I teach is
Therapeutic / Individual
Alignment Oriented
Classical Hatha
Gentle / Restorative
Meditative / Relaxation
Specialized Classes
My Yoga Qualifications

Certified Ananda Yoga Teacher, Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, 2005

Certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, 2014

Certifier Ananda Yoga Therapist,  Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation,  2015

Certified Yoga Therapist, International Association of Yoga Therapists, 2017

Other Healthcare-Qualifications

My BA is in Mental Health and I worked as a youth counselor for about 6 years. My Masters in in Hospital and Health Administration and I worked as an administrator in a number of health care organization. The last 20 years of my professional career was as a Community Health Center CEO. My yoga career is my second career.

My programs & services

Students locate me by emailing me at wende@frontiernet.net. I do not do drop in classes. Students and clients make appointments and I give them directions to my home based studio. Private sessions are 1 1/2 hour as are theraputic and regular yoga classes.

My studio is named Raven’s Wing Yoga Studio

Connect with me!
9 North Yukon Drive, Ely, Minnesota 55731