raji krishnamurthy, C-IAYT, AWP, MS
I am a
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)
Meditation Teacher
About Me

I am a Certified yoga therapist and Ayurvedic Wellness practitioner with a private practice in Saratoga, CA.

My approach to Yoga

For over 15 years I have helped clients of all ages to find balance with stressors of life using preventative yoga therapy, heal with self-management techniques and make sustainable positive changes. In yoga therapy, I work with an individual at a time based upon age, constitution, lifestyle, time constraints, stress/ pain levels and customize practices to enhance wellbeing, rejuvenation and awareness. I educate clients in Ayurvedic self-care to establish balanced lifestyle routines and appropriate customized diet to work with any imbalance or disease. You will get a complete holistic package of self care tools for pain/ stress relief and most of all cement a pathway within.

The Yoga I teach is
Therapeutic / Individual
Gentle / Restorative
Meditative / Relaxation
Specialized Classes
Spiritual or Philosophical
My Yoga Qualifications

yoga teacher training 200 hrs 2002
training workshops with Mr.and Mrs. Desikachar, Mr, Sridharan 2004-2005
training incentives 2006 with the Mohans of Svastha Yoga
yoga therapy training with Svastha 2010
ongoing education with the Mohans of Svastha yoga
AWP -Ayurvedic wellness practitioner 2011 1000 hours with Kerala Ayurveda academy

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Saratoga, California