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About Me

Christiane Brems, PhD, ABPP, E-RYT-500, C-IAYT, is an integrative yoga teacher who incorporates all eight limbs of yoga. She grounds her practice in ancient and modern yoga psychology, as well as current research, especially psychology, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology. She engages in trauma-informed teaching practices and encourages individual tailoring of yoga to context and needs of each practitioner. She uses adaptations and modifications to make yoga accessible to all.

My approach to Yoga

Dr. Brems directs YogaX, an innovative yoga school initiative in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. YogaX provides teacher training, continuing education, and services.

Dr. Brems integrates yoga, mindfulness, integrative interventions, and self-care in her work as a psychologist, teacher, researcher, mentor, supervisor, consultant, author, administrator, and service provider. As an integrative yoga teacher, she incorporates all eight limbs of yoga in her practice and teachings. She grounds her work in yoga psychology based on ancient and modern texts, as well as in current research, especially in psychology, neuroscience, and interpersonal neurobiology. She honors trauma-sensitive teaching practices and cultural sensitivity, inclusivity, and humility. She encourages individual tailoring of yoga to contexts and needs of each practitioner, offering adaptations and modifications that make yoga accessible to all.

Dr. Brems came to the practice of yoga over 40 years ago as an adolescent searching for meaning. She remained linked to yoga for many years, though not always wholeheartedly. Her practice was reinspired and became truly transformational after she was diagnosed with cancer 20 years ago and decided to incorporate an integrative healing path. Since then, yoga has been an essential and life-affirming path that she has enthusiastically and openheartedly shared with others.

As an essential part of the YogaX Team, Dr. Brems is delighted and honored to share the collective yoga journey and wisdom with new members of the yoga community as a whole and the YogaX community in particular. Yoga is a great gift of inspiration, humble evolution, intentional living, purposeful social action, and skilled service. The opportunity to share and receive this gift widely through mutual practice and training is a dream come true.

The Yoga I teach is
Therapeutic / Individual
Adaptive / Accessible
Gentle / Restorative
Meditative / Relaxation
Specialized Classes
Spiritual or Philosophical
My Yoga Qualifications

• 200-hour training and certification completed at the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Inner Dance Yoga Studio (RYS), Anchorage, Alaska
• 300-hour yoga therapy training and certification completed at the Yoga Therapist Training Program at DAYA Foundation (RYS), Portland, Oregon
• 150-hour yoga therapy practicum completed at the Yoga Therapist Training Program at DAYA Foundation (RYS), Portland, Oregon
• 30-hour Yoga for First Responders Level One Teacher Training Intensive completed in Hillsboro, OR
• 30-hour Accessible Yoga Training completed in Santa Barbara, CA
• E-RYT200; E-RYT500 (i.e., over 2000 teaching hours)

Other Healthcare-Qualifications

Licensed, board-certified clinical psychologist
Certified imagery guide

My programs & services

YogaX is a yoga school initiative of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences integrating science and spirituality to inspire health and wellbeing. Our mission is the integration of therapeutic yoga in health and allied healthcare settings. YogaX’s three arms, yoga teacher certification, continuing education with a therapeutic yoga focus, and therapeutic yoga services, are rooted in holistic spiritual traditions as well as modern neuroscience, biomedical, and psychological research.

We offer YogaX to inspire, support, and implement scientifically informed yoga training and therapeutic yoga services that support the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Join us by attending a continuing education workshop or self-care event; enroll in teacher training or come for a few classes; follow us on social media, our blog, or our virtual training events.

Like our broader community, each of us brings special expertise, passion, and originality. We love science and yoga; we take them seriously without losing our sense of humor, humanity, and delight. Our practices and commitment continually lead us back home to our own inner wisdom and joy, as well as to deep appreciation for one another and the unique group that we have become. We now invite you to become part of our caring community and to share our joy in the profound gift and transformational power that is yoga.

To learn more about the YogaX team, please visit our blog, website, Facebook page, or Instagram account

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