Amy Uniacke
I am a
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)
Meditation Teacher
About Me

I am from The Greater Detroit Area, where I was one of the first YT’s ever, to work as part of an Integrative Medical Team treating at-risk patients for a variety of issues.
Now in Dallas, you can find me @the North Oak Cliff Branch of The Dallas Public Library, where I work with the public (FOR FREE!). Here we focus on conditions such as: post surgical pain, general health, wellness & aging.

My approach to Yoga

LGBTQIA friendly. My focus is to reduce stress and to assist in helping people reconnect with what’s best for them, and learn to make better choices for their health, on a daily basis. Regular practice can be a foundation for developing greater Peace of Mind and healthy connections with ourselves and others.
I utilize Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Fascial Fitness, Functional Movements, and Somatic Awareness along with other Specialized Techniques that assist in the treatment of injuries and issues regarding range of motion for both hyper and hypo mobility.

The Yoga I teach is
Therapeutic / Individual
Adaptive / Accessible
Gentle / Restorative
Meditative / Relaxation
Strength & Fitness Focused
Specialized Classes
Spiritual or Philosophical
My Yoga Qualifications

Amy Uniacke
C-IAYT and graduate of the First Class of The Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy Level II and Level III
Numerous Years with Doug Keller, Himalayan Institute, Carie Gaynor, founding participant of Yoga U Online (for Continuing Education), and numerous specialty trainings over decades of practice and teaching within the Yoga and fitness industry.

Other Healthcare-Qualifications

Clinical experience, one-on-one and group, within the Integrative Medicine Dept at Beaumont Hospital, and other Medical Clinics in Metro Detroit.

My programs & services

Adaptation of best practices formulated to serve an individuals needs; through the utilization of props, Techniques, and tools which make Yoga more useful and accessible for all.

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Dallas, Texas 75201