Amy M. Jarvis, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, YECEP
I am a
Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)
Meditation Teacher
About Me

Amy offers Yoga and Meditation Private & Group Classes, Workshops & Retreats. Amy is best known for her calming voice and her intuitive wisdom to guide a class of all ages and abilities and you awaken from rest pose you feel the whole class was designed just for you.

My approach to Yoga

I was stressed and didn’t know it! I recognized something had to change and that something was me. All the spa days & shopping sprees were wonderful however I continued to struggle as the external experiences were short term and my desire to connect was unyielding until the day I stepped into my first yoga class in 1995.

My approach to yoga is like looking at a road map without clear signage. We are map and the tools to navigate the map are sometimes latent & my desire, as a Yoga Therapist is to teach you the tools to navigate our sometimes twisted roads with as much ease and steady speeds so we can be present and embrace life fully.

The Yoga I teach is
Therapeutic / Individual
Adaptive / Accessible
Alignment Oriented
Gentle / Restorative
Meditative / Relaxation
Specialized Classes
Spiritual or Philosophical
My Yoga Qualifications

E-RYT500, 2007
C-IAYT, Essential Yoga Therapy, 2015

My programs & services

Weekly Therapeutic Yoga Class, Fridays, 11:15- 12:30pm (Every 4th Fri is Yoga Nidra)
Weekly Private Sessions, Mondays & Thursdays by appointment

Yearly Workshop Events
1. Power of Prana you will learn the anatomy of the thoracic cavity & structure and the mechanics & physiology of breathing. You will learn safe & effective pranayama practices and the tools to incorporate into your lifestyle regardless if its stress to release tension or how to optimize oxygen during a HITT class.
2. Meditation & Mindfulness answers the how & why we are encourage to meditate. You will learn the basic anatomy of the brain & how our circuity can make new connections and re-connect to healthy habitual patterns. You will learn how to incorporate these practices into your lifestyle.
3. Advanced Asthaanga Studies is an in-depth student series of the eight limbs of yoga. This series uncovers the latent path of intuitive wisdom within you and provides lifelong tools that guide to free the heart and mind. Each 2 hour class will focus on the teachings with readings, discussion and practices. Practices will consist of movement, restorative poses, breath-work and meditation.

Yearly Retreats
1. Exploration of Self, Whidbey Island, April 3-5, 2020
2. River Retreat, Carnation, WA – July 31st, August 1st & 2nd, 2020!

Connect with me!
Available Online (Remote Sessions)
Issaquah, Washington