Save $500 on our Live, Online, Marketing & Branding Strategy Workshop

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Immediate access to our Strategic Marketing and Branding Online Program


Today only, $97

(Normally $497)

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If you

  • Struggle with how to communicate your value and how you’re different from other Yoga Professionals;
  • Are frustrated when newer teachers with less experience (but better marketing skills) having more success
  • Don’t feel you have a clear grasp of how to best connect with the people most in need of your services; and
  • The idea of  ‘marketing’ yourself leaves you anxious and uncertain – but you recognize it’s an imperative aspect of your business and making an impact

This workshop is for you.

Today only – save $300 dollars and gain instant access to a six hour online workshop, (watch at your leisure), full worksheets and access to the YogaMate Marketing Mastermind Group for future support implementing your marketing strategy.

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