Better Health Search Tools

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YogaMate Pro Better Health Search Tools



Keep your students safe and better protect yourself from liability.


YogaMate Better Health Search Tools help to keep your students safe and be quickly guided on which yogic tools may best benefit them.


Access the Cautions / Injury Search Tool and the Therapauetic Application tool and the full knowledge behind the how-to, modifications and benefits of the poses through the Knowledge Seeker (and higher) subscription tiers.

Information has been created by a team of individuals and reviewed by a team of C-IAYT Therapists.

*No two people are alike – and there are no hard and fast rules in the therapeutic application of Yoga – (that’s why it’s always better to work with a qualified Yoga Professional); but YogaMate’s Better Health Search tools can provide general, evidence-informed guidance around which Yogic practices are beneficial (or may be a concern) for specific health concerns.

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Injuries / Contraindications Search Tool

YogaMate Injuries and Contraindications Search Tool

Therapeutic Application Search Tool

YogaMate Therapeutic Application Search Tool

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