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‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’

– Helen Keller

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YogaMate.org is a global platform for sharing the depth, breadth and therapeutic application of Yoga and helping to empower lives towards better health and well-being.

The driving force behing YogaMate.org is a global collaboration of Yoga Therapists and Teachers using YogaMate Pro to educate and share with the public powerful Yogic practices that can help transform lives.

YogaMate was developed under the guidance of an international panel of Senior Yoga Therapists & Teachers. YogaMate.org and YogaMate Pro are managed by Ann Marie Johnston, a Marketing Strategist and Yoga Professional who has personally experienced the transformational health and well-being benefits of Yoga. (Learn more about Ann Marie’s personal ‘why’ for developingYogaMate).


Our vision

A world where Yogic practices are readily accessible to all; promoting better health and well-being for everyone.

Our mission:

YogaMate champions the therapeutic benefits of Yoga; educating the public and healthcare community and providing a suite of tools that help Yoga Therapists and Specialists stand out (better market themselves), educate and better share these powerful practices with those most in need of their services.

What is YogaMate Pro?

YogaMate Pro provides the marketing and educational tools and services that help teachers like you better establish your authority, connect with the right clients and ultimately be far more successful, making more impact doing what you love.

Teachers & Therapists use YogaMate to:

  • Create stronger connections and a more sustainable business
  • Better market themself and connect with ‘the right’ students and clients looking for their skills and knowledge; and
  • Effectively share their knowledge of the healing power of Yoga & extend your reach & impact

A subscription to YogaMate Pro provides access to:

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Community.  Connection.  Collaboration.


YogaMate believes there is immense power in community, connection and collaboration. Together we can responsibly share Yoga to create a health and well-being revolution. We need you – therapeutically focused teachers & therapists determined to bring these powerful tools into the hands of as many as possible.

Together, we can create immense and immeasurable positive change in the world. YogaMate Pro has been created to support & empower Yoga Teachers & Therapists specializing in the therapeutic application.

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YogaMate is poised to become the global hub for the sharing of quality ideas and practice plans for all those wishing to support their well-being through yoga and yoga therapy.

Ann Marie Johnston is a visionary whose dedication and genuine desire to make a meaningful difference has led to the launch of this astounding, contemporary set of yoga tools.

As a person who has worked for decades toward elevating standards for the training of yoga teachers and yoga therapists, I am encouraged and excited by YogaMate’s commitment to evidence-informed high standards that will give confidence to students and practitioners alike.

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“Yoga has the power to transform lives and change the world,
and it’s healing power should be made accessible to everyone”
– Ann Marie Johnston

Whether you are a new Yoga Teacher or a seasoned therapist, YogaMate has been created for you.

It has been an absolute labor of love – and development of the site’s benefits and features continues.  The original idea – to create a digital sequence creator – has well and truly flourished into so much more – marketing tools, a directory, webinars and case studies. A place to collaborate, connect, be inspired and contribute back to the community.

I invite you to explore all that YogaMate offers to the broader community at YogaMate.org


Why I created YogaMate Pro

I suffered over half of my adult life with persistent depressive disorder – taking pharmaceuticals – and generally experiencing a melancholy about life. 

Then one day, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a breath-centered practice. Though I had been to a ‘yoga’ class many years before, it had not struck a chord; but this course – focused on my breath – and the introduction of the concept of stilling my mind was unlike anything I’d ever been taught. 

Over the ensuing years, I noticed significant improvements to my overall health and well-being; and the only thing I had changed in my life was the introduction of yogic practices.

Wanting to better understsand the how and why of these improvements, I enrolled in a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training – with absolutely no plans to teach.

Half way through the course – I knew in my heart it would be a disservice to keep this knowledge to myself.  I knew it was my duty (& privilege) to share this knowledge as far and wide as I could…

As a new teacher, I liked to plan out my class ahead of time, but I found that I was forever searching through scraps of paper to see what I’d taught in a previous class to plan my next.

This frustration let to the initial seed of an idea; for YogaMate to be an online platform that allowed a Yoga Teacher to create and manage their class practices and share them with their students to encourage / empower home practice.

But as I began to research this idea, I was quickly overwhelmed by how Yoga was portrayed on social media.


The misperception that Yoga = asana (and usually advanced asana, at that) strongly drives YogaMate’s mission: to help expand the public’s understanding of the depth, breadth and therapeutic application of Yoga & empower the teachers working in this area to be more effective.

At the very heart of my why behind YogaMate, is an underlying desire to help see yogic tools offered as a core part of national school curricula. In order for that to happen, I feel Yoga’s therapeutic benefits & research into Yoga need to be championed. So my focus has been on supporting, collaborating and building community with associations such as the IAYT, Yoga Therapy Schools and Professionals.

The success of YogaMate is intimately tied to it’s traction and engagmenet with individuals like you. I encourage you to create your free directory profile and trial YogaMate Pro’s tools and resources. Contribute to our growing library of blogs, case studies and resources to help propel Yoga Therapy forward.

If you would like to engage more with our community, I encourage you to ‘like’ us on Facebook (links in the footer below).

I look forward to your constructive thoughts, feedback and contributions to help us continue to improve YogaMate.org over the months and years to come.


Ann Marie Johnston
YogaMate Founding Director

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