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Stand out as an authority, carve your niche, work smarter - not harder

Save time, enhance your professionalism, connect with the ‘right’ students & clients and make more impact

Helping Yoga Professionals create sustainable and profitable careers sharing their passion and knowlege.

Providing the tools, resources and marketing support to help Yoga Professionals authentically stand out, create stronger connections with the right clients and make more impact.



Empower Home Practice & Establish Thought Leadership

Create & share fully customized yoga practices (use our media, or yours); articles, research, case studies and resources to share with clients, students, colleagues or your community. Carve your niche and better stand out as an authority in your area(s) of expertise.

Global Knowledge Sharing & Professional Development

Inspire and be inspired. Share and collaborate with other Yoga Professionals in our weekly professional development webinars and round table discussions; read, collaborate and share new resources, research & knowlege from the global yoga community.

Enhanced Professionalism; Strengthened Connections

Stand out for all of the right reason with students and colleagues. Create a stronger professional online presence, connect into a broader community and bank of knowledge and delight your students and clients with empowering home practices.

Extend Your Reach, Impact (and Profitability)

Connect with the right students and clients, no matter their location. Create & share practices and knowledge with your community; or connect to a global audience & generate passive income, selling your knowledge (courses, trainings, yoga practices) in our Online Marketplace (launching Oct 2018).

Work Smarter, Not Harder; Save Time/Create Efficiencies

Quickly create or enhance your online presence. Create & share yoga practices (utilize your own media, or select from what we provide); submit articles or resources to be published and / or sold in our marketplace; integrating your marketing efforts.


Efficient, Effective, Easy & Authentic Marketing

All of the marketing tools & knowledge needed to create, share and sell your knowledge in the one platform. Monthly webinars & opportunity for group coaching (YogaMate Pro Premium) to support you to authentically & effectively connect with the right clients.

Empowering Home Practice | Strengthening Connections Between Teachers and their Students

The biomedical research evidence for the efficacy of yoga for special populations and as a therapeutic intervention is becoming substantial and is growing rapidly.  Alongside this growth in research is a remarkable increase in the use of yoga and yoga therapy in the general public, in health care and clinical settings, and even in public schools.  Yoga practices are slowly transitioning from the yoga studio and yoga ashram into mainstream society.  YogaMate is an excellent, well-designed and comprehensive resource for yoga professionals to enhance their ability to teach and train students and patients more systematically, knowledgeably, and effectively.

Sat Bir Khalsa

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Chief Editor of The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care and the International Journal of Yoga Therapy

Empowering Yoga Professionals


Evidence-informed tools, resources and marketing support that helps you stand out, carve your niche and extend your reach & impact.

YogaMate Pro’s Core Features & Subscription Tiers

YogaMate Pro

Be inspired and share your knowledge: Full access to YogaMate’s library of articles, resources, webinars & Professional Development Forum; plus create and share Yoga practices and articles to better connect with your community

Create & Share Yoga Practices and Resources

Create & share protocols, practices and digital resources with our Yoga Practice Creation Tools. Utilize YogaMate’s media library, or your own audio, video, images or descritpions

Weekly Access to Quality Professional Development

Access premium content, including our weekly professional development webinars and discussion forum; continue your learning with global thought leaders in Yoga and business

Keep Students Safe (& Protect Yourself From Liability)

Enjoy full access to YogaMate’s Evidence informed resources; plus quick assess to our therapeutic application and/or injuries & cautions of various yogic tools with our Better Health search tools

YogaMate Pro Plus+


Extend your reach and earn more: Earn passive income; sell your plans, digital courses & resources in our online marketplace*; plus YogaMate Pro’s full suite of resources, tools and knowledge

Generate Passive Income in our Online Marketplace

Create and sell your knowledge (digital yoga practices, resources, trainings and courses)*.

*In Beta Testing – Launching to the public in 4th quarter 2018

Exclusive Marketing & Exposure Opportunities

Premium marketing opportunities to contribute your expertise (articles and plans) through our community sharing; with the opportunity to be featured to the YogaMate community through YogaMate’s social media and newsletter.


Prominent Global Recognition as an Authority

Better positioned as a thought leader: featured within the ‘free’ and ‘paid’ assest on YogaMate. Contribute articles, resources, trainings or practices

YogaMate Pro Premium

Work smarter, not harder. Take your marketing to the next level. Strategic marketing workshops and monthly marketing coaching programs to help you flourish

Strategic Marketing & Branding Fundamentals for Yoga Professionals

Join in our live 6 week workshop (or if you don’t want to wait, access the content
On-Demand and join in our Facebook community for support

Monthly Strategic Marketing Program with Group Coaching

Join in our Intimate monthly marketing presentations and workshops. Guided assistance to help you make the most of your subscription

More Impact, Further Reach: Authentic, Effective, Easy Marketing

Strategic guidance and support to help you better establish yourself as a thought leader / expert and demand more for your services

Praise for YogaMate Pro

‘I wanted to tell you that I love the yoga practice creation tools.  I gave a massive lecture on yoga for back pain last week, and it was so easy to make the sequences for my workshop on YogaMate. You saved me hours of work!  Thank you!

Kelli Bethel

Yoga Teacher & Therapist, MA, USA

‘I often cite scientific studies and provide customized plans to clients. YogaMate makes this incredibly easy.

No more stick figures or lengthy typed explanations. Thank you for providing a professional platform for us to connect with clients’

Linda Kress

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, PA, USA

I love that YogaMate makes high quality yoga accessible to everyone.  This platform allows my students & I to connect in new ways.  It’s easy to create practice plans & keep track of student-teacher interactions. It’s a fantastic tool.’

Nikola Ellis

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, NSW, Australia

‘YogaMate is of great benefit to the students I teach. In addition, YogaMate is a fabulous marketing tool.

As a Yoga teacher and therapist, I want to spend my time on my craft and any help that I get with marketing is a blessing.’

Dr. Amy Wheeler

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, CA, USA

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